Social media marketing is the strategic use of social media sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter for marketing communication so as to obtain brand awareness, conversions and sales by building stronger relationships with the target audience and promote products and services.

We help our customers build their own unique social media strategy by offering exclusive, tailored social media plans and workflows and develop engaging contents for every social media channel.


Blogging means publishing quality content periodically with a chronological order that add a real value to your target audience in order to attract new visitors and make your existing visitors more engaged with your website. One of the most popular types of blog content is blog articles. It’s possible to deliver your blog content via a free blog platform that could be embeded into your website or you might have your own blogging platform tailored to your specific blogging needs.

B4Mind offers comprehensive and exclusive blog building and management solutions during the business blogging journey of brands such as blog design, blog promotion, content building, editorial calenders and blog optimization.


Search Engine Optimization is implementing search engine friendly strategies for your websites and blogs by focusing on both what users and search engines demand/expect from web pages you own in order to have a competitive advantage in the search engine result pages of target keywords.

We analyze on page and off page performances of websites and compile an executive report exclusive to our customers indicating how search traffic and conversions coming from search channel might increase and ultimately lead to sales.


Digital world nowadays presents many efficient digital advertising platforms and tools to advertisers from all over the world for promoting any type of products or services and analyzing ads performances deeply. Social media ads, search engine marketing, display ads, video ads, mobile ads are the most frequently refered members of digital advertising ecosystem.

We plan and create text, display and multimedia ads exclusive to our customers’ need in order to reach potential and existing customers online.


E-Mail Marketing, as one of the oldest and most popular digital marketing methods of nowadays, is still an indispensible channel and has much to offer to marketers. E-mail marketing is communicating with your target audience sending commercial messages that especially planned for leading to sales or equally important conversions via electronic mail.

B4Mind provides a professional help for brands building and reviving the e-mail channel such as e-mail template design, growing e-mail database, content planning and landing page design.


Digital analytics is an active process of enhancing the performances of digital assets. From website and landing page analytics to social media and e-mail analytics, it contains different online communication channels to optimize.

We use various digital analytics tools to determine existing and possible problems of any type of digital assets that might lead to bad user experience and compile extensive reports including actionable data such as heatmap analytics.


E-commerce is a business model that enables digital interactions interchanging goods or services. It can also be defined as “commerce conducted via the Internet”.

B4Mind provides professional e-commerce solutions for its customers. We build specialized dashboards our customers can fully control and modify in order to enhance back-end performance of your e-commerce platform.

Paying regard to your specific needs, such as your sector or customer profile, we provide tailor made, exclusive e-commerce solutions. We can manage, upgrade or optimize your existing e-commerce platforms to.

For generating leads, increasing online sales and customer retention we are able to integrate a customer relations management (CRM) system with your own existing or future platforms.

B4Mind gladly offers unique digital marketing solutions exclusive to e-commerce sites from any type of industries.