Customer relationship management (CRM) refers to a range of principles, practices and guidelines that an organisation follows when engaging with its customers. This relationship includes direct interactions with customers, such as sales and after-sales communications, and the right CRM system can predict and analyse the latest customer trends and user behaviours.

We, at B4Mind, provide our customers with one of the most widely-used CRM software systems in the industry. CRM, as a customised system unique to every business, needs to be in the hands of professionals who can enhance customers’ overall experience and create high brand loyalty and engagement.


Intranet is an organisation’s private communications network which has its own access points, with the purpose of controlling and limiting that network’s activity as preferred. In other words, it represents the exclusive network usage of the organisation and its associates such as employees, members, suppliers or customers, and which is protected from unauthorised access by security systems, such as firewalls.

At B4Mind, we can build and organise your private network so it is tailored to your organisation’s particular needs and preferences.