Branding is a creative process of building an identity about what the company stands for, its value proposition and philosophy. In our opinion, branding is a form of art, aligning the perception people have about the brand itself and how actully that perception should be transformed, for the benefit of the company.


Brand building is a strategically-designed process of improving customers’ and prospects’ opinion about our products and services, communicating throughout various marketing channels with the target audience and nourishing trust, understanding and dialogue with them.

B4Mind provides distinctive help for brands during their brand building processes, establishing differentiated presence in the market in order to create loyal customers for sustainable growth.We help our clients embrace modern brand marketing tactics and strategies including digital marketing communication and adapt their marketing perspectives to current trends.


Brand identity is the way you desire the consumer to perceive your brand. It depictures the values and ideas of your brand and represents brand personality. A strong brand identity make your customers and workers more loyal to your brand.

As a tangible part of your brand identity, brand design consists of logo, slogan, name, colors, symbol, term or any other way of expressing your brand concretely.

By offering brand identity and design solutions, B4Mind helps brands discover their potential, guiding them to establish a philosophical standpoint, and become worthy of notice in the competition.

We make brand design taking inspiration from fine arts and try to reflect the understandings of artists such as Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli, Donatello. We also take seriously into consideration the disciplines like color theory and neuromarketing within our designs.


Brand strategy is a long-term plan for the development of a successful brand in order to achieve specific goals. In this stage as a result of strategic planning, complex marketing communcation models are implemented by marketing professionals for your brand so as to reach the predefined marketing goals.

B4Mind originates attention-grabbing, inimitable campaings specifically designed for your brand to drive marketing efforts of you into sales, spreading attention-grabbing marketing messages into target markets so as to create a loyal customer from a stranger!

We value our clients’ brand story and philosophy a lot and it’s one of the main reasons why we intend to provide tailor-made, exclusive solutions to them.


Buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers. By building personas, you can focus on your best customers and provide solutions to the biggest problems of them so that you can build better and stronger relationships.

B4Mind encourages brands dream about building stronger relationships with customers via emotional branding, under compelling market conditions by creating buyer personas which are based on comprehensive researches.


Consumer Decision Journey (CDJ) explains how purchasing decisions are made by consumers both online and offline, as a result of completing different stages of the journey. Initial consideration set, Active Evaluation, Moment of Purchase and Post-Purchase Experience are four main stages of the CDJ.

B4Mind creates digital touchpoints for brands in various marketing channels in order to attract, convert and close customers, implementing different techniques in every stage of the CDJ for your brandmeasuring ROI.


Market research is a method of exploring the target market qualitative and quantitatively in order to make fact-based marketing decisions. After refering to primary and secondary researches, it’s less likely to make “big mistakes” while planing, implementing, analyzing and reporting your marketing plan and strategy.

B4Mind utilizes professional digital tools for its customers to analyze and monitor the target market, their expectations, tendencies and decision making processes, and finds out new opportunities for the growth.We also conduct offline market researches taking advantage of surveys, focus groups, interviews and observations.