How To Do Pinterest SEO?

How To Do Pinterest SEO?


Pinterest, is a social media site in Turkey that is on rise in the last few years both in terms of brand awareness and usage prevalence. The value continues to increase exponentially since it has become a much more intricate social channel than becoming a simple pinboard using e-commerce and local pins. As a result, many search engines, including Google, are taking notice. So Pinterest has become an important social media channel as well as an extremely important off-site SEO channel.



To get a backlink / inbound link from Pinterest to our website, It is a must to examine the Pinterest platform first. Pinterest is a medium where the visuality tops out and has "visual-minded" users. We will need high quality and descriptive pins as detailed as possible in order to be able to attract attention. Pinterest optimizations are based on equiping with top data the visuals we sent in an excellent way.



Yes, Pinterest optimization is necessary but how? First of all, we need to smarten our Pinterest profile up. This means that we must fill in all the information that Pinterest has asked us to fill out completely. It must be a picture that will definitely help us to express ourselves properly in our profile. Why? Because our boards will show that we are coming from a reliable source, so that the interest of the users and therefore the search engines will be interested in the search engines boots.

The location data and the fact that the site is an approved site are very important steps to be taken while creating the Pinterest profile. The most important part of the profile is the about me section.

You must create a professional about me text describing the products and services you are going to make, enriching with keywords that people will look for.

The first step in optimization is to leave as much and accurate information as possible on the profile by using the best of 200 characters for information about our brand / business.



The second step is to leave a social signal. What does social signal mean? It is shouting in social saying "I am here!"

Connect your accounts, be visible. By doing that you can attract people's attention and get like and re-pin. The more you get like and re-pin, the more you will be attracted to Google.

To get involved with Google, you need to get as many social signals as possible with all of your pins.


The third step is the backlink issue, which is the main issue for SEO. Backlink is a door that opens to our website and is a door that bots will want to use in case of persuasion. The more quality backlinks we receive to our site, the more reputation and visibility we have on our site. Each pin and re-pins will create every time a backlink to the source page (this is our web site that we made SEO).

So the more they share our pin, the more we get backlinks.


"Pinterest is an SEO channel that needs to be considered for both businesses and individual users."

How to backlink our site from Pinterest? For this we need to add a link from the URL. Click on 'Add a Pin -> From a Website' button and we will link to our page where we will get backlink to URL. Then the Find Images option will find our images on that page and add them whatever we want to our pin board. After completing the selection, we can submit a link from our own site or our blog to the image we sent to the description.

The point to note here is not to overdo it. We can give backlinks to ourselves regularly but in small pieces. We can get the backlink by putting our URL address in the source part of the content from the intermediate menu which will be displayed not only in the description part of the pins but also in the pin arrangement.



The main way to get SEO contribution from Pinterest is through attracting people. How can we make a bigger impact? The answer is to create interesting boards with good quality.

Each board should focus on one topic.


If ladies’ clothing is the basis of your keywords, then create specific boards like ladies' shoes, ladies’ night suits, and so on rather than creating a general board called ladies' clothing.

What We Need to Notice While Creating a Board:

1. Choose topics that will attract people's attention. Instead of ladies' dresses, titles such as nightdresses will attract more attention.

2. Your title must be less than 28 characters because the title of the board will be read as dots after this character number.

3. Spare the same time to your explanatory part inasmuch as the time when you create your board. Because when you come to your board, the first text you see is the big explanatory part in the center of the page. You have to convince them with your explanation. Pinterest gives us 500 characters to explain.

4. Each board has a cover picture. The cover image is the first impression we give to visual searchers in Pinterest for our pinboard. The cover photo you choose must be one of the existing cover photos on the board. Choose the most popular and most interesting visual cover photo of yours.

Over time, there will be more than one pinboard in our profile. But those who will visit our profile will only be able to review the first two lines. Only a few people will examine your entire page from head to head. You can change the order of your pinboards and reorganize them. Just like a newsletter, the most important news of that day is the cuff or the most beautiful fruit in a grocery store is in the front, your top quality pinboards should be also at the top.



Your pinboards should be one of the 37 categories that Pinterest currently defines. Pinterest users often prefer to explore by category instead of using the search box.



The main thing you need to keep in mind while doing all this is updating. Be sure to send new pins regularly, without exaggerating but also without letting people forgetting yourself. Even Repin will be enough to give your followers and boots the impression that you are active.

Use your keywords wisely in your explanations very often without recurring. Try to strengthen yourself in this regard; Pay attention to the writing style of the masters who do similar studies. Do not forget to use tag. Tags, which are popular on that platform as well as our key words, can also benefit our business.



Leave as much information as you can while pining your images. Because the boots can not read the pictures. They read what we wrote about the picture. Write without making verbalism and without avoiding key words.

Add a pin it button to your site. So, your visitors will give backlink to your site in Pinterest and it will allow your followers to share it. Remember that the more organic you re-pin, the more backlinks you get. The more pin likes you earn, the better you provide indexation to your pin to be taken near the top than search engines. Once you have made enough investment in Pinterest, you will see that you take your money in time.

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