Ways to Find the Most Profitable Keyword Phrases for Your EO Campaigns - II

Ways to Find the Most Profitable Keyword Phrases for Your EO Campaigns - II


In the second part of our article for keyword ideas, we continue to track new keywords that will offer us the opportunity to reach our potential customers. In the first part we talked about keyword tools, automatic search completion, related search, Google Trends, meta tag and site map research. If you have not read it yet, you can reach the first part of our article from the link below.

Now let's continue with new keyword finding ideas.

# 6- Google Search Console Keywords

In Google Search Console, you can review a long list of actual keyword phrases coming from Google search to your website. In this list you will witness the presence of your site in the keywords you have never noticed before. Once you've found the new keywords, you can use the keyword tools to decide how useful they are.


# 7 - Social media circles

Undoubtedly social media is a very important communication and marketing channel where your target audience spends a significant time. You can observe about your products and services, how new developments come to the forefront and how the expectations are in such channels as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Twitter trends, popular tags on Instagram, the most followed collections on Google Plus, Pinterest's most popular boards, and the most followed Facebook pages have full of keywords that you can achieve great results by targeting.

You can also use the autocomplete feature of social networks' own search engines.


# 8- Alexa Keywords Thats Brings The Highest Traffic


The keywords that send the most visitors to your competitors' site can be viewed on the Alexa site profile and played on those keywords. To see the best key words coming to your competitors' sites on Alexa, create a URL similar to this one and visit the page: https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/b4mind.com (Please paste the address of b4mind.com without the www at the beginning of the site). You can access this information from the right side of the third part of the page.

# 9- Dictionary Study

Identify the keywords' synonym and closest meanings, as keywords that you think will be used in any serious Turkish dictionary, or in a sectoral dictionary on your own site, that your target group will search for you and your services. (For example, to lose weight, become thin, diet, be on a diet...) To see which words are used more, you can search the word on the search engine and look at the number of pages in the search result.

As we continue from our example, the key word for diet is 1.7 million results, while the be on a diet makes 216 thousand results. Consider who your target audience is. While using a new generation diet, the middle-aged and elderly can use be on a diet.


# 10- Browse Blogs

There will be blogs of dozens or even hundreds of different independent bloggers working in your area. Take a deep look at these blogs, look at their tags, their categories, their texts individually. If necessary, contact the blog author directly.

Bloggers can have blogs with their own domain, as well as free blogs from sites like Blogpost, WordPress, Tumblr, and Medium. That's why you should investigate this specifically. A simple Google search will suffice. As you make your search like ‘the subject you want to search + blogpost.com, this will sort the related blogs.



Last Recommendations

You will be regain every minute for the keyword research for sure. So do not hesitate to do deep research.

1. Find specific key words that you think the target group can search for,

2. Specify general, single or dual key words to grow the mass,

3. Select the long tail (3-5 words) key words to be in the niche,

4. Gather similar key words in a group; prepare content for each group according to the appropriate extent,

5. Target the right number of keywords. Neither too many nor too few. Ideal for each group is 5 to 20 key words,

6. Equip your landing pages creatively with these keywords,

7 Focus on intent / purpose of those who are looking for the word, not the key word.


Do you want to learn more about the subject? Do you need professional SEO support? Please send your questions and comments to [email protected] This article was prepared by B4Mind Brand Consulting.

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