The Top 3 Digital Marketing Channels You Should Invest In This Year (2019)

The digital marketing landscape is changing constantly. It’s quite important to keep your digital strategy up-to-date with the latest trends and researches for sustainable growth. And of course to adapt your customers’ newer needs and expectations with your brand messages.

To be honest, things are getting harder and harder in the digital marketing warzone. The ultimate reason behind it is one simple (and also annoying) word called “disruption” which technically means an interruption or noise between sender and receiver. That’s why we, as brand managers and digital marketers, have to change the way we do business to by-pass this disruption.

We invent better ways to communicate our target audience however copied by our competitors too. You can’t keep your secret formula forever since there are thousands of marketing software to spy on your competitors, target audience, prospects and customers so as to create the best campaigns.

What we can best do is straining every nerve and be ourselves. Methods can be copied but your brand voice remains only yours forever. So, before starting the top digital marketing channels of the year, our first advice is to be more of yourself. More yourself means more authentic, original, sincere and human.

Let’s get started.



Email is a huge market that can’t be overlooked. But of course, we have been doing email marketing for decades! However, what is new is email technologies that let us personalize the communication process are more and more intelligent. Personalization means an omnichannel, data-based and human to the human perspective on email and marketing technologies are at our service.

If you are a savvy internet user, you must already be receiving dozens of spam and hundreds of uninteresting emails from companies. How many of them really makes you take action at the end? An action such as sign up, subscription, purchase, social media share, registering for an event, downloading a brochure etc.

There are really not that many companies that embrace the email channel as it should. Plenty of companies interpret emailing something like sending tedious newsletters, irrelevant product discounts or any other way of cacophony.

What is the wisest thing for your marketing strategy this year is personalizing your email campaigns as much as possible? Better copy, social CRM, personalized offers, including human voice, creating buyer personas and so on. Email is a great channel for both acquisition and engagement/retention and it will go on being so! Start right now for collecting its fruits tomorrow.


SEO is probably one of the most popular but least understood digital channels. No matter how the success factors interpreted by experts, everyone in the industry agrees that it works great. Marketers see SEO as becoming more effective, with 82% reporting effectiveness is on the rise and 42% of this group stating effectiveness is increasing significantly.

If you simply focus on your visitor's behavioural patterns you can succeed in this channel quite well. What do we mean with behavioural patterns? Google Analytics metrics such as bounce rate, average session duration, pages/session, sessions/user, new/returning visitors, engagement rates, and average time spent are very essential metrics to focus on, which draws a great picture in order to understand your users.

Moreover, we love focusing on dwell time, CTR, and pogo-sticking. They are really very strong signals for search engines, especially for Google. These tree ranking factors game changer. No matter how many backlinks you have, with less, you can do more.

What is dwell time? Dwell time is the amount of time that a visitor spends on a page after clicking on its listing on a SERP and before coming back to search results. The longer dwell time the better behavioural performance.

CTR performance of the website can be tracked at Google Search Console. It’s a very simple formula total click divide total impressions. If you have 3% CTR, you should understand that 3 out of 100 people who saw your website at the search results page clicked your website. Again, higher CTR is better behavioural performance.

Finally, pogo-sticking which is confused with the bounce rate should be understood very well. Pogo sticking occurs when a user performs a search, clicks on a result, very quickly clicks back to the search result page, and clicks on a different result. Pogo-stickings generally, have very short dwell times. Shows great dissatisfaction. 

Forget about fancy link building strategies and focus more on your users and prospects behavioural patterns. Make them happier, more content and satisfied with better contents, offers, user experiences and more. Anything that makes them happy is fine. Invest in search of happiness.


How often do you update your home page? How often do you investigate your exit pages and pages with very low average time? When was the last time you published a blog post? Does your website receive plenty of 404 page views? Do your pages load too slowly?

The questions mentioned above helping you understand the actual performance of your website. Building a great user experience still something indispensable and worth investing in.

One should always keep in mind that a website is an, not an architectural project since an organism keeps changing constantly while a building changes seldom after it’s done.

Invest more time and money in updating, maintaining, optimizing, enriching, and sustaining your website. Be sure that every penny of this will be useful. Buy an SSL certificate, upgrade the bandwidth, extend the domain age, use premium analytics services, create better contents, build more effective landing pages, take advantage of neuromarketing in site architecture…


Of course, there are many more digital channels to pay attention to, like organic and paid social media, PPC, display, affiliate, video...  But the reason why we limited with just three channels is understandable.

First, we really believe that they are better with ROI. Second, you can’t focus on every channel unless you are a corporate company and have a very skilled digital team. Third, these channels are 100% yours (your website and email database). However, you are just a tenant of other channels.

Are you looking for a professional digital agency that can boost your performance? Do you need more traffic? We offer premium, tailored and behavioural science-backed services for our distinguished customers. Inquire now! [email protected]

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